Shiplap Inspiration

Since I'm getting ready to install a shiplap accent wall on one of the walls in the basement bedroom I've been non-stop searching for shiplap inspiration & it definitely wasn't hard to find. Shiplap has become one of the most popular home trends in the past few years, so I was able to find a ... VIEW POST

Basement “Bedroom” Closet Update

Hello! I recently posted my plans for the Basement "Bedroom" Makeover 2017 and #5 on my list was updating my "closet"/ clothing storage. I mentioned how the room in the basement is technically not a bedroom and therefore I had to find some kind of closet solution since the room would be used as my ... VIEW POST

Basement “Bedroom” Makeover Plans 2017

While I'm waiting for some nosing and other things I ordered for the entry room makeover, I decided to start planning my next project... Giving the Basement "Bedroom" a makeover. When we moved into our townhouse a few years ago we had decided to make the room in the basement into a bedroom- my ... VIEW POST

The Entry Room Accent Table

As we were updating the entry room, I decided to update a piece of furniture that has been in almost every room of my house at some point, but not resides in the entry room. It first started out in the living room as a temporary TV stand, but when we turned an old dresser into a media stand, it ... VIEW POST

The New Vinyl Plank Flooring in the Entry Room

This by far has been my favorite project to date! I cannot tell you how badly I've wanted ditch the nasty sheet vinyl that was in my entry room before. Here is what it looked like before we put the new flooring down. The first thing we did was remove the shoe molding that was along the bottom of ... VIEW POST